What We Believe

Cmount CrewingWe want to be your partner in production. As a part of our comprehensive solutions and best in class customer service, we offer complete reliable, talented and professional film crewing services to our clients. Save time and money by utilizing this integrated service offering.

  • Passion. We don’t work with people that don’t love what they do. We have been around long enough and have been fortunate in that time to surround ourselves with the most talented and capable people in the film industry.
  • Experience. All of our team members are fully trained and seasoned AV professionals. You can count on us to have the experience and know-how of the best AV labor workforce in the industry. Our meticulous attention to detail shows in everything we do.
  • Reliability. We provide reliable, highly skilled and professional audio visual experts that you can depend on. Along with our administrative team, our logistics and scheduling are all centralized within our industry leading cloud based software, so you can rest easy knowing that the staffing logistics are in good hands.


Positions We Film Crew For 

  • Cmount CrewingA2.  
  • Audio MixerAudio mixers work to understand the Director’s creative intentions and work to supply technical requirements based on budgetary guidelines. They work with Costume Departments and Visual Effects Supervisors to discuss the placement of microphones on or around the actors, and visit all locations to check for potential sound problems. 
  • Camera AssistantThe role of the First Assistant Camera is one of the most skilled jobs on a film crew. They are responsible for focusing and refocusing the camera lens as actors move within the frame of each shot.
  • Camera Operator. Camera Operators carry out the Director of Photography’s and the Director’s instructions for shot composition and development. They are usually the first people to use the camera’s eyepiece to assess how all the elements of performance, art direction, lighting, composition and camera movement come together to create the cinematic experience.
  • Director of Photography. A cinematographer or director of photography or DP is the chief over the camera and light crews and is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image.
  • Engineer. Junior Engineers are responsible for electronic engineering maintenance. They solve technical problems, deal with the maintenance of IT systems and networking, manage equipment and identify faults.  
  • GafferA gaffer is the head electrician, responsible for the design and execution of the lighting plan and for managing lighting, including associated resources such as labor, lighting instruments and electrical equipment under the direction of the Director of Photography.
  • Lead Engineer. Senior Engineers are responsible for soluitoning the production’s most critical technical issues, and implementing IT and networking systems to support the Director’s vision.  
  • POV Rigger. POV Riggers are highly skilled in rigging point of view cameras and POV installations and involves building custom solutions to support camera placement on anything ranging from cars, boats, planes, or other custom constructions. 
  • Technical Manager. Technical Managers research new processes and techniques and identify new technologies and technical developments. They also advise on the introduction of new machinery and materials.
  • Utility
  • Video Technician

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