Dynamic Perceptions 2 Axis Stage One Package

Dynamic Perceptions 2 Axis Stage One

The nifty Dynamic Perceptions 2 Axis Stage dolly is a versatile dolly that can function both manually and with a motor. With the new Stage R motor, the Dynamic Perceptions dolly gives options for both pan and tilt while moving. 

The Dynamic Perceptions kit comes with three different motors: 3 rpm, 8pm, 21 rpm. While the lower numbers of RPM have an increased amount of torque, which allows for more heavy lifting action to lift the dolly up a hill or if it is on the slant, the higher RPMs allow for the dolly to move faster through the track. This kit gives you multiple options for different terrains and different speeds. 

The Dynamic Perceptions kit also includes two different controllers: the MX3 controller and the joystick controller. The MX3 controller is more complicated, but has a lot of cool features that can be programmed into it, such as stop shoot stop time lapse shooting and can be hooked up with the triggers to give a ping pong effect. If you want a simpler effect, the joystick controller which allows you to play around and maneuver it more freely. 

Why We Love It

The versatility of the Dynamic Perceptions kit is what makes it so unique. It allows for a range of different movements, both continuous or manual that are great for time lapses and anything with extended action. Check it out on our site for your next shoot!




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