Arri 4 Light Package (1K, 2x 650W, 1x 300W)

This Arri Softbank 1 Plus 4 Light Kit includes barndoors, filter frames scrims, a softbox, light stands, bulbs, accessory kit, and a heavy duty wheeled case. The ARRI 300W Plus Fresnel is designed to gather as much light as possible and direct it through the 3.2″ (81.2 mm) low expansion, borosilicate Fresnel lens producing a soft, even field of light. The beam spread is 15 – 55°. The 650W Fresnel features the same lens, reflector, housing and power cord as the 300W Fresnel. The beam angle in the flood position is 54°, and a narrow 13° in the spot position. A redesigned one-arm stirrup instead of a yoke facilitates greater movement while the dedicated accessory holder allows use of Chimera softboxes without a speed ring. This Package includes:

  • ARRI 1000W Open Face Light
  • ARRI 1000W Speed Ring
  • Chimera Video Pro Plus Small Softbox 24 x 32″” Kit
  • 2x ARRI 650 Watt Plus Tungsten Fresnel (120-240VAC)
  • ARRI 300 Plus Tungsten Fresnel (Silver/Blue)
  • Leviton 1000W Rotary Dial Light Dimmer – Boxed
  • 4x Aluminum Light Stand
  • ARRI Lighting Case Travel Gear 4 Light Case

Detailed Specs:

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