Arri Zeiss 50mm Ultra Prime Lens T1.9

The Arri / Zeiss Ultra Prime 50mm T1.9 is a PL-mounted prime lens covers the Super-35 format, allowing it to maintain high contrast and resolution even at close focus.This Ultra Prime Lens has the widest focal range of prime lenses giving you the flexibility to get the coverage you want. This Ultra Prime lens is a lightweight standard speed lens that is optically matched to the high speed Arri / Zeiss Master Prime lenses and are compatible with both HD and film cameras. The Ultra Primes provide the optimal image quality, vivid colors, and skin tones for which both Arri and Zeiss are known. Each lens in the series features a T* XP lens coating for reduced glare and minimized reflections. Minimal focus breathing does not draw attention to focus pulls, preserving the viewer’s cinematic experience.

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