LiteGear Ribbon Reality Pro V2 Hybrid Kit

LiteRibbon Pro Kits make perfect additions to any set lighting truck and are even great for anyone from DOPs to set decorators who need specialty lighting at their fingertips. LiteRibbon Pro Kits have been divided among four different types to suit different budgets and different needs: the Reality, Commercial, and Feature Kits each contain a collection of VHO Pro LiteRibbon, a pack of Chroma LiteRibbon in Red, Green, Blue, and Amber, LiteStix Pro, and LitePower Packs, our all-inclusive power and control solutions. The Car Kit includes specifically selected lengths of VHO Pro LiteRibbon to fit into elements of a vehicle’s interior as well as Chroma Red LiteRibbon supplied to simulate a “brake light.” It also contains LiteStix Pro and LitePower Packs.

Detailed Specs:

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