Go Pro Hero6 Gear Review

Go Pro Hero 6 Modification

We are coming at you with another awesome package! Recently, we have added another cool modified camera to our inventory: the Modified Go Pro Hero 6 from our friends at Backbone. While we love the compact nature of the Go-Pro, it is not always the most versatile or most cinematic when you can only shoot on a fish-eye lens.

The modifications have fixed that problem by allowing us to change the native lens to have other fields of view. We have listed some of our favorite lenses that are compatible with the GoPro Hero 6! 


M12 2.8 Lens – This is the native lens that the Go Pro Hero 6 comes with. It is great for extremely wide shots and is a fish-eye lens. 

M12 2.97  Lens(14 mm equivalent) – This is a great wide angle lens that gives you a wide shot without the same fish-eye distortion. It provides for a more recto-linear image, while still allowing you to shoot in 4k and maintaining that high quality.

M12 5.4 (50mm equivalent) – This is a great normal lens that is great for singles for hidden camera shoots or car rigging.

In addition to the M12 lenses, you can mount any C or CS mount lenses on this Hero 6,  – as long as compatible image circle. All of these lenses give the user more manual control to have different field of view without cropping sensor or sacrificing the quality.

Why This Package?

We love using these Go Pro Hero 6’s for our Carpool Karaoke rigging for the Late Show, and for our hidden camera shoots. The minimum focus on this camera is also really amazing, so it is also a great package to be used for insect photography or very up close up product shots. We have also thrown in a metal mounting bracket so that you can mount the camera backwards, sideways, and everything in between. Check out our Go Pro Hero 6 Package this summer!



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