Production Services 

Our production services staff has extensive field experience and can help with all aspects of planning your shoot. Let us take care of all your camera needs as well as audio and technical crewing, production staff, scouting locations, production management, insurance, and permits.

Whatever you need from us, we want to be your production partner and are here to help. Drop us a line and let’s talk.

Let Us Handle Your Crewing  

We believe that one can only become great if they surround themselves with talented and passionate people. Our audio and video tech staff are the best around. Let us help you build out your reality show control room, cast surveillance system, or any other support you need. We have been fortunate to be around long enough to form long term relationships with some of the most talented film technicians in the industry. Let our relationships be an advantage for your production. 

To learn more about our crewing services, head over here. 

Custom Technical Installations

We specialize in custom equipment packages and services, from rentals, sales, crewing and 24/7 tech support to make sure your shoot goes off without a hitch. Get whatever you need when you need it. Whether it’s a feature film, reality show, commercial, documentary, or music video, we offer the flexibility and the means to turn an idea into a reality. No job is too small for our full attention or too large for our capabilities. 

We put the service back into production services. Our clients keep coming back because we are more then a rental house, we are a partner in your production. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to get you the perfect final product. 

Have a challenge you want to discuss? We love talking about solutions. Share with us your information and needs here.