Modified Sony RXO 4K Inferno Record Package

Sony RXO

We recently brought some Sony RXO POV cameras to our rental inventory, and they are amazing little cameras.  Here are some of the highlights: 

  • 21 MP 1′ Stacked CMOS Sensor
  • Zeiss 24mm Equivalent Lens (f/4 Aperature)
  • Compact, lightweight + waterproof body
  • Captures up to 1080p60 internally
  • Shutter speed up to 1/32000 per second 

Modified Sony RXO

But as usual, when we see a good camera, we look for ways to make it great. So we went to our friends at Back Bone to modify the RXO. The Modified Sony RXO allows you to use compatible manual micro 4/3, CS and Cmount lenses on the 1” CMOS sensor. The flexibility of changeable lenses allows you get wider than the 24mm native lens or tighter if you need to get a closer field of view for your shot.

Moreover, the RXO’s larger sensor, high bit rate and ability to shot an S Log profile makes it a great B or C camera to cut in with higher quality cinema cameras.

Why The Modified Package?

In this Sony RXO package, we’ve also included the Shogun Inferno Recorder and 1TB SSD for 4:22 4k recording out of the camera at 24 and 30p. And finally, we have also thrown in a foldable tripod for any of your one man band field reporting and video blogging purposes. Come check out our Modified Sony RXO package this summer for your next POV cam shoot!



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