Canon EF 50mm F2.5 Compact Macro Lens

A superior-performance lens offering excellent optics and focusing from infinity down to one-half life size (0.5x). Its nine-element design features a floating optical system, which ensures top-notch performance even at close focusing distances. Light and compact, it functions beautifully as a general-purpose normal lens. The optional accessory Life Size Converter EF enables focusing down to life size (1:1), and actually increases working distance – very desirable in close-up shooting. This 50mm Compact-Macro works great for everything for which you’d use a 50mm fixed normal lens, and it focuses super-close for macro shots with no fiddling required. It uses a complex 9-element floating-element design for no distortion and intense sharpness at every distance. This 50mm f/2.5 has exceptionally good optics, in an inexpensive, small and handy package.

Detailed Specs:

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