Computar 8mm F1.4 2/3″ Fixed Lens (C Mount)

The M0814-MP2 2/3″ Fixed Lens from Computar is designed and usually used for monitoring factory automation and image processing units, but in the world of POV it is a great tool to have in your cabinet because of its compact design at 1.32 x 1.11″ (Ø33.5 x 28.2mm). It features an 8mm focal length, and is compatible with C-mount megapixel cameras that have 2/3” format sensors. This lens facilitates easy focal length adjustments without having to move the camera from its installation point. Moreover, with an aperture of f/1.4 to 16C, the lens is suitable for hidden cameras and surveillance in low light as well as brightly lit conditions. There is a manual iris and focus with locking set screws for holding them in place.

Detailed Specs:

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