Kino 4×4 Dual Head Gaffer Package

The 4Bank 4′ Gaffer 2-Light Package from Kino Flo is a ready-for-the-road set up that features accurate color rendition, flexible power supplies and soft, wrap-around light quality. The kit includes two 4Bank 4′ fluorescent fixtures, each with a 5/8″” Baby receiver and a multi-voltage ballast that has individual lamp switching and a High Output / Standard switch that raises or lowers the wattage to vary color and output. Just add your choice of optional True Match lamps. Two 25′ head-to-ballast cables are included. In fact, the fixture can operate up to 75′ away from the ballast with the addition of extra cables. Two lamp cases that can hold up to six 4′ lamps are provided and the kit’s wheeled, hard shipping case make it ready for location work. This Package includes:

  • US/North American Plug
  • 100-240 VAC
  • 2x 4′ 4Bank Lights, 2 x 4 Bank Ballasts
  • 2x Mounts with Baby 5/8″ Receiver
  • 2x Extension Cables: 25′ Each
  • 2x Lamp Cases
  • Rolling Hard Kit Case
  • Optional True Match Lamps: 2900K-5500K
  • 1/3 Power Draw of Tungsten Softlights
  • Daylight, Tungsten or Visual Effect Lamp

Detailed Specs:

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