Zacuto VCT Universal Baseplate Shoulder Rig Kit

The Zacuto VCT Universal Baseplate Shoulder Rig Kitfeatures a built-in ergonomic shoulder pad, 10″ sliding track, extra space for accessories in front, VCT14-compatible V-wedge, red buttons and levers all around, and much more. Use it with all types of cameras, from DSLRs to larger models like the Alexa. With the rod adapter set back, you have additional space to mount accessories under the camera lens, allowing you to position the camera further back on the plate, keeping the balance point of your rig directly over your shoulder. The VCT Pro Baseplate features a 10″ sliding track, providing the space to optimally adjust balance after every lens change. Moreover, the included red camera plate can be loosened by a spring-loaded lever instead of a screw, so you can make adjustments quickly and easily.

Detailed Specs:

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