3 Ton Grip Package (No Truck)

Our 3-Ton Grip Package offers more support for indie features, music videos, and commercials. Keep it as a grip-only package, or add lighting to make it a versatile combo. There is no truck included with this package. This Package includes:

Taco Cart w/ 2 Flag Boxes
12x C-Stands
2x Short C-Stands
1x Each Short and Regular Gobo Arms
Gobo Head
2x Low Combos
4x Regular Combos
2x Hi Rollers
2x Baby Offsets
Jr. Offset
Jr. Riser
2×4 Wall Spreader
4x Baby Plates
Jr. Plate
2x Duckbill Holders
Foamcore Holder
Putty Knive w/ Baby
90 Degree Pin
4x Ceiling Clips w/ Baby
2x Jr. to Baby Adaptors
2x Jr. Grip Heads
2x Each 4″, 6″, and 8″ C-Clamps w/ Baby
10″ C-Clamp w/ Baby
10″ C-Clamp w/ Jr
Tree Branch Holder
2x 12″ Furni Clamps
4x Mayfers; 4 Cardillini
2x Chain Vise w/ Baby
10x Safety Hangers
1x Each 4′, 6′, and 10′ Step Ladders
15x 20lb Sandbags
10x 35lb Sandbags
6x Full Apples
4x Each 1/2, 1/4, and Pancake Apples
Set of Cup Blocks
10x Each #1, #2, #3 Grip Clips
2x Ratchet Straps
4x Furni Pads
2x Tent Stakes
2x 4×4 Silver Shiny Boards
2x Each 18×24 Single, Double, and Silk
4x 18×24 Solids
2x Each 2×3 Single, Double, Silk
4x 2×3 Solids; 2 2×3 Empty
1x Each 2×3 Wood and Celo Cuc
1x Each 4×4 Single, Double, Silk
4x Each 4×4 Solid and Empty
1x Each 4×4 Wood and Celo Cuc
1x Each 18×48, 24×60, 24×72 Cutters
1x Each 6×6 and 12×12 Butterfly Sets

Detailed Specs:

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