Canon EF 85mm F1.2 L USM Lens

Canon’s EF 85mm F1.2 L USM Lens will impress with its impressive optical performance and large aperture. Open the 85 f/1.2L up and watch the background disappear. The result is very a very dreamy feel with all background distractions gone. Keep in mind – the DOF (depth of field) is razor thin at f1.2. Unless you are far from your subject, you must hit your focus perfectly. Shooting handheld at lower ISO settings, or just very low light conditions, is accomplishable at this focal length when using the 85 f/1.2 L. The Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM Lens is very, very sharp. Even at f/1.2, the 85 f/1.2L is sharp and it gets even sharper when stopped down a small amount. Call us to learn more about this lens and how we can help you get geared up for your next shoot. 

Detailed Specs:

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