Filmtools Teenie Weenie 4 Cup Camera Mount w/ Triangulation Package

This Filmtools Teenie Weenie 4- Cup Camera Mount System for cars features the new 3/8″” Format Grip Gear, making this a versatile car mount kit that is extremely strong, light-weight, and with its modular design is very easy to work with. The Teenie Weenie 4 Cup Camera Mount System includes 4.5″” suction cups with 3/8″” threaded spuds for added strength, a teenie weenie counter sunk cheese plate that serves as a mounting platform, a ball leveling head for camera adjustments, a convenient hard case to store the entire kit, all the hardware for multiple mounting options. The Teenie Weenie Rods can be joined together by using the included Plated Couplers, allowing you to extend the rods to the size that best fits your needs. This Package includes:

  • Teenie Weenie 4 Cup Camera Mount
  • Hot Shoe Triangulation Kit Bundle
  • Teenie Weenie 4 Cup Camera Mount
  • Teenie Weenie Camera Triangulation Kit

Detailed Specs:

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