Kowa 5mm F1.8 2/3″ Fixed Lens (C Mount)

The C-Mount 5mm f/1.8-16 2/3″ 10MP JC10M Series Fixed Lens from Kowa provides 200 lp/mm resolution (center) and low distortion in order to maximize performance for high-end applications. Incorporating Kowa’s broadband coating and floating mechanism design, the JC10M series lens reduces chromatic aberration virtually eliminates optical aberrations from close range to infinity and maintains high transmission over a wide light range. This lens has a focal length of 5mm and aperture range of f/1.8-16 and wide-band multi-coating effectively reduces glare and refraction. This high-precision aspherical lens reduces distortion and produces a high-definition picture that you will love. 

Detailed Specs:

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