Kowa 4.4-11mm F1.6 LMVZ4411 1/1.8″ Lens (C Mount)

The LM12SC C-Mount 12mm Fixed Focus Lens from Kowa is designed for use with 1/1.8″ sensors and is one of our favorite go to lenses for our POV and car rigs. This lens has a varifocal length of 4.4-11mm and an aperture range of f/1.6 to 16. It is equipped with a strong, durable metal body and locking screws for iris and focus. The low distortion lens can be used in a variety of machine vision, surveillance cameras, as well as robotics applications where high resolution is required. This lens is compatible with cameras that have a 2MP resolution or above and we love to use it with a variety of POV cameras where space and quality are both a premium.

Detailed Specs:

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