Kowa 6mm F1.8 1″ HC Series Fixed Lens (C Mount)

This C-Mount 6mm f/1.8-16 1″ HC Series Fixed Lens from Kowa is designed for use with 1″ sensor cameras in CCTV, machine vision, and factory automation applications. The focal length of this lens is 6mm, and the aperture range starts at f/1.8 and will stop down to f/16. The lens offers low distortion and a fast aperture in a small chassis, thereby making it suitable for smaller format cameras. Helps 1″ sensor cameras capture crisp and clear images at high resolutions. Lightweight and compact design makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as machine vision and factory automation. Ensures corner brightness with no fading along the edges of the image. Low distortion helps achieve accurate image reproduction.

Detailed Specs:

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