Modified Sony RX0 1.0″ Type Sensor Ultra Compact Waterproof/Shockproof Camera

Put your own glass on the amazing Sony RX0 with our Ribcage interchangeable lens mod. This fully modified RX0 camera comes configured with a passive micro four thirds (MFT) mount and can be re-configured to C-Mount at any time with the included mounting ring. With this mount combination you can attach almost any lens, or use your camera with imaging equipment such as microscopes and telescopes. Use your SLR lenses with an optional adapter, or use some great vintage cinema lenses for a unique look. If desired, the removable IR-cut filter allows you to capture footage in the wavelength of your choice for custom imaging and scientific applications. Control up to 5 cameras at once via WiFi and Bluetooth (Android/iOS/PC). 

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Detailed Specs:

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