Shape BP8000 V Lock Quick Release Baseplate

With its long flat camera platform and V-lock quick-release compatibility, SHAPE’s BP8000 V-Lock Quick Release Baseplate Kit is a versatile rig option for mid-sized cinema cameras with flat bases. The centerpiece of the kit is the V-lock baseplate for larger cameras like the Alexa, F5, C300, and broadcast cameras. Several inches of adjustment is available for achieving balance with large or small lenses. Adjustable 15mm rods in the front and rear allow for different cameras to comply with the 15mm LWS standard for compatibility with follow focuses, lens supports, and more. If you’re not carrying the camera on your shoulder, the entire rig can be locked into the included VCT-14 tripod plate. The included articulated handles adjust quickly, with the push of a button. Length adjustment is provided by way of a thumb screw.

Detailed Specs:

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